Fever 7x Self-heating Vibrating Wand

Artikelnummer: AF156
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When your body requires a warm caress, do not settle for the cold touch of your standard vibrator! This luxurious wand vibe warms up to 35 degrees celsius or 95 degrees fahrenheit in just 5 minutes! Massage your most sensitive parts with 3 powerful speeds of vibration and 7 exciting pulsation functions! Made of high-grade silicone, this pleasure tool is not compatible with silicone lubricant. This rechargeable vibe is waterproof for easy and effective cleaning and sterilization with mild soap and warm water. 

  • Kleur: Roze
  • Materiaal: ABS, Siliconen
  • Lengte: 20.00
  • Diameter: 3.70
  • Lxbxh: 25x6x11
Subproduct number: AF156
Barcode text: 848518025364
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